Michael NightTime

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Michael NightTime is a Philadelphia based DJ and producer. Born out of the northeast regional burner culture and long time performer and storyteller, Michael Nighttime seeks to bring emotionally narrative music experiences to people all over the world. Never limited by genre or bound by expectations, Mr. NightTimes music is constantly evolving and invites the listener/dancefloor inhabitant to take a step inside of the world as he feels it.

Michael NightTime has dj'ed up and down the east coast, in countless festivals and events spanning multiple cities. Heavily involved with PEX in Philadelphia and the Party Liberation Front in Richmond, he has played a variety of events - To name just a few: PEX Heartburn and Halloween, RVALUTION, 2*k Beats Under the Sea, Mischief's Speakeasy and Naughty Snow Ball, PEX vs Playloop, as well as opening for Mimosa at the TLA and closing late night for Claude Von Stroke at Mint Green Music Festival.

To this day, Michael NightTime seeks to explore the role of emotional narrator through Dj'ing and music production. The story comes alive when there is an audience to hear and respond - every set is tailored for that moment. It is his hope to give listeners an aural portrait of expression, community, and living a life worth the telling.